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Data Recovery Services Sligo

Lost pictures? Music Collections? Homework assignments? Maybe your USB drive no longer show up in Windows, or your External Hard Drive is making “clicking” noises.  Sound Computers now offers a comprehensive data recovery facility, right here in Sligo Town. Able to handle Hard Drive, SSD, USB Drives, and crashed Windows

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Someone asked me today if I was “getting ready for the holidays” and since I was at work at the time, I went over the things that we are doing here in the shop to prepare for the coming season. Interviewed for holiday staffing. Ordered extra supplies, parts and hard to find

Put Down Your Technology Day!

Irish-based charity and social enterprise Camara Education is challenging all us technophiles to go without technology for 24 hours to highlight the digital divide that still exists in the 21st century. On World Computer Literacy Day this Sunday, 2 December, the Camara TechFast will see if people can give up

Say No To VAT

As you all probably know, the government decided that a 21% Value Added Tax wasn’t quite high enough.  Starting January 1st, now the Irish Public pays a whopping 23% VAT on most everything they buy. At Sound Computers we have decided to go the other direction. We have decided, not gets Hacked

Any of my followers that use or have used, please read this excerpt from the Irish Times and please login and change your password, just in case.       ELAINE EDWARDS THE JOBS website, which allows people to upload their CVs online, has been the subject of

For Lunch Today

Walking through Sligo town on lunch break today. I decided to go in to Subway at the Taxi Rank.  Inside there were 2 students from a local school waiting in line. They had each ordered a foot-long sandwich. They asked if I was getting a foot-long as well. I said,