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Sony 3D OLED Head Mounted Display

This is an excerpt from I wanted to share it because I think it pretty much rocks! Sony is returning to its innovative roots with the introduction of a head-mounted display that simulates a 62.5-foot screen. The Personal 3D Viewer, or HMZ-T1, is billed by Sony as the “world’s

Site Re-Design

/*SITE RE-LAUNCH*/ Hello readers and friends! We have completed the redesign of the site We have added a great download page for software, Free Icon Sets, a Knowledgebase full of articles, written by Us to help explain the world of computing to you in real-world terms, and loads more.

You Choose the Contest!

See the details over on the FB wall, We are running a new contest, you choose how it goes. What would you like to see? Do you want see a photo puzzle contest? Maybe a raffle or giveaway? Do you want to guess the jelly beans in the jar?

Computer Use in 2011

Hello Reader! Just made a new Poll over on #FB. Please Vote! How often do you use a Computer Each week? Includes home, work, POS cash registers Smart Phones, Ipads etc. Click the BIG FB logo Below to go take the Poll! Thanks. Cheers and Thanks for Reading! ¬Mickey

Keep your PC Clean.

Keeping A PC Clean from dust and dirt is just as important as keeping it free of viruses and spyware. Recently, two different customers brought me PC’s that wouldn’t boot or load up. Both were in dire need of cleaning. I told each customer, before I would diagnose the problems,

New Facility in Sligo

Hello readers! Sound Computers is in the process of moving to a new facility! Fresh space, good location and parking as well. the front office will be for Web Design Work and the second is will be the workshop for Computer Repairs. We will be in and out all week.