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Knee Surgery

The office will be closed to repairs for the next couple days due to surgery and recover time. the phone lines will re-open on tues and phone support will commence as well. If you have an emergency, let me know and i can put you in touch with someone who can help

Stolen Laptop in Sligo 28.1.11

Hey everyone Personal Favor! My friend’s Laptop was stolen from his home in Sligo last night. Please Keep your eyes peeled for a Pearl White 14″ Sony Vaio S/N S01-5001445-5. The thieves may be looking to sell it off, or at least get a clean Windows install on it to


Please, Read This and Share it with everyone you know. This is how it goes down… THE PLEDGE. The Phone Rings. The caller says he is from a security division of Microsoft or Windows Corporation. They have been monitoring your Computers Internet Activity and have noticed your computer is vulnerable

Tenth Child-Tech PC Issued Today

Hello and Welcome back. Today we are celebrating a small victory. The 10th computer has been recycled back into the Sligo Community today via the Child Tech Community Project. It is a small step but these computers, otherwise bound for the bin, or the landfill, have been restored and refurbished

Current Deals and Student Discounts.

Hello everyone, and welcome back. Until the end of the year, and likely extending into the first quarter, the following discounts will be applied to the services and repairs for Current Students, College and University. 20% Discount on Operating System Re-installations 20% Discounts on Data Recovery Services 15% off network

Update Your Browser, Please!

Many people surf the internet every day without giving a second thought to their web-browser. Even fewer know/care what version they are using and if it is updated.  Even fewer still, may even know why it is important. Let me explain. Having an older web-browser can lessen your web-surfing experience

Where’d November Go?

It has been a particularly rapid month. Good and Bad. Good:I have tons of projects going at the same time, trying to balance them all, while learning new programming and coding languages to keep up with requests of clients. They want it, I will learn it, and add it to