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My Top 5 MVPs: Most Valuable Programs

And…..They’re Free! Thanks for joining another installment of Sound Computers Blog. Today I am reviewing Five (5)  nice little freeware programs that you can download and use to enhance your computing experience.  All of these programs can be found by going to File Hippo and searching for them, or click

Take Shortcuts.

Not the same advice your Teachers, or your Boss might give you; but I say “Go for it!”  What I am talking about today is using keyboard shortcuts to shorten the daily tasks that you do on the computer.  Each Shortcut you use will save precious seconds from your daily

Computer Running Slowly?

Everyone has dealt with this problem at some point in their computing experience.  Websites are slow to load, Word Documents take ages to open, your download speed creep slower than January molasses. While there are many causes to these problems, the most common causes are temporary file build-up and Spy-ware.