Computer and IT

Data Recovery Services Sligo

Lost pictures? Music Collections? Homework assignments? Maybe your USB drive no longer show up in Windows, or your External Hard Drive is making “clicking” noises.  Sound Computers now offers a comprehensive data recovery facility, right here in Sligo Town. Able to handle Hard Drive, SSD, USB Drives, and crashed Windows

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Someone asked me today if I was “getting ready for the holidays” and since I was at work at the time, I went over the things that we are doing here in the shop to prepare for the coming season. Interviewed for holiday staffing. Ordered extra supplies, parts and hard to find

Say No To VAT

As you all probably know, the government decided that a 21% Value Added Tax wasn’t quite high enough.  Starting January 1st, now the Irish Public pays a whopping 23% VAT on most everything they buy. At Sound Computers we have decided to go the other direction. We have decided, not

Keep your PC Clean.

Keeping A PC Clean from dust and dirt is just as important as keeping it free of viruses and spyware. Recently, two different customers brought me PC’s that wouldn’t boot or load up. Both were in dire need of cleaning. I told each customer, before I would diagnose the problems,

New Facility in Sligo

Hello readers! Sound Computers is in the process of moving to a new facility! Fresh space, good location and parking as well. the front office will be for Web Design Work and the second is will be the workshop for Computer Repairs. We will be in and out all week.