For Lunch Today

Walking through Sligo town on lunch break today. I decided to go in to Subway at the Taxi Rank.  Inside there were 2 students from a local school waiting in line. They had each ordered a foot-long sandwich. They asked if I was getting a foot-long as well. I said, “yes.” and we collectively got our subs together at the 3 foot-long subs for €15 deal. This was great for them, because they each had a fiver. Great for me, because my sub was only a fiver as well. THEN, I put the 3 subs on my Subway points card, so I could earn free food later. After the transaction, the Subway girl told me that I had earned a free foot-long with the points I had acquired! Awesome! The two guys were cool, and one jokingly mentioned he’d add me on Facebook. I took the opportunity to hand them each a business card, and told them they should “Like” the Sound Computers Fan Page. One of the students said, “Whoa, my computer just broke too!” It really felt like fate. And to think, I was going to go to 4 Lanterns…

Thanks for reading.