Google to Launch self-branded touchscreen laptop

Google is set to launch its own touchscreen laptop, according to industry sources. The giant internet search firm has ordered 20 million units and hopes to ship the new devices by the end of this year.

The California-based company hinted at the possibility of launching a touchscreen Chromebook earlier in the year when senior vice-president Sundar Pichai said:

“We are deeply incorporating touch so if people want to ship something with a touchscreen, we can do that as well.”

Google’s Chromebook, running a version of the search giant’s Chrome browser, could get a touchscreen model by the end of this year
Google first launched Samsung and Acer-branded Chromebooks last year. The thin and light laptops, which followed the design trend set by Apple’s MacBook Air and Windows Ultrabooks, went on sale at £229.
The price has dropped since then: the latest version of the Chromebook is now on sale through Google’s online Play store, starting at £199.

The company has hoped to lure customers who are attracted by the low price of some tablet computers but who want a proper keyboard with its Chromebook, which works on a version of Google’s browser, Chrome.

So what do you think about this new revelation? Will this spell disaster for the iPad? Or is it in a different market? Leave a comment below.

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